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(Before writing to us, particularly if you surfed here or found this page through a link on a different Web site, please be sure to check out the photo album as well as its accompanying, linked pages for a photo illustration of how the Fan Mail campaign actually works.)
The Fan Mail campaign functions via snail mail. (We do not send e-mails to the troops, nor do we provide names/addresses.) For a copy of the MILITARY MAIL-GRAM, which includes complete guidelines and instructions for sending us fan mail for the troops, print the coupon below (it should be necessary to print only page 1), fill in the requested information, and send it (or just write us a note) along with a first-class U.S. postage stamp* for return postage (outside the U.S., please send an IRC--an International Reply Coupon for those in Rio Linda or Palm Beach County) to:

Friends of Our Troops Committee
P.O. Box 65408-W
Fayetteville, NC 28306-5408


Name of Your GROUP (if any)____________________________________________

TYPE of GROUP (if not self-explanatory)____________________________________


MAILING ADDRESS__________________________________________________


STATE_______ZIP (or Postal Code) _________-_______ COUNTRY ___________

YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS_______________________________________________

URL OF YOUR WEB PAGE_____________________________________________

HOW YOU LEARNED ABOUT OUR WEB SITE____________________________


Please send just the first class U.S. stamp* (do not send meter-strip postage) for the return postage; do not send a self-addressed, stamped envelope--just the stamp*, as a return envelope is not needed for us to send the MILITARY MAIL-GRAM. Thank you!

As we work from the name and return address on the envelope in which we receive this form, please be sure it is the same as the address shown on this form. Do not send requests to be sent to different addresses in the same envelope, and do not use an envelope larger (either wider or longer) than #10 business-size! (Letters to the troops may NOT be sent with this form; the Military Mail-Gram must be carefully reviewed before mail is sent in to be distributed to the troops.)

The Valentine campaign has concluded, and the next sorting/mixing process will be for the Summer mailing. The Miliary Mail-Gram should be requested ASAP to allow plenty of time to prepare fan mail and get it back to us. We will be able to accept a very limited number of new members.

Unless we are instructed otherwise at the time your cards/letters are sent in, participants may be recognized in their local newspaper(s) and possibly other publications in the publicity campaign following their participation.

(*PLEASE NOTE: Stamps should be new and unused--there is no time to use glue on stamps that have been removed from another envelope!. ALSO, please do not affix self-adhesive stamps to a piece of paper, and do not trim self-adhesive stamps to the point that there is no quick way to remove the stamp from the backing. Thanks.)
(TEACHERS: Please--it is not necessary for each student in the classroom to send an information request. Only one would be needed for the class.)

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